Patrick Cito Namulisa


My name is Patrick Cito Namulisa,
I study Soil biogeochemistry and Global Change, Soil GHG emissions and their impact on Climate Change and how to make the Soil Systems Sustainable.
My main research interests are : Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Terrestrial Ecosystems, Climate Science, Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics under elevated CO2, Isotopes, Biochar and Vermicompost.

Presently, I am a Double Fellow, cumulating The Prestigious Erasmus Mundus Scholarship of the European Union (2020-2022) and The Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2021 – Wild Card Award. The first is toward my Masters Program in Soil Biogeochemistry and Global Change at three (3) leading Universities in Europe (in Belgium, Austria and Germany). The second is toward my participation in the highly competitive eight-month Development Program in Leadership, Sustainability and Impact Creation of the Nudge Academy Netherlands.This is to add to my background with a BSc with mention Distinction in Environmental Science and Technology from the University of Burundi.

I love serving my community and I am passionate about Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sustainability and Community Transformations. For more than five years, I’ve been involved in different youth projects in my community serving as a Youth Leadership Development Catalyst and Consultant. You can find more details on My Engagements here.
People close to me say much about my leadership, positive, dynamic and innovative spirit – plus a great teamplayer.

My moto : Celebrate – Connect – Contribute